2 Reasons why solar street lights are the best solution

People are increasingly becoming conscious of their energy consumption habits. Therefore, they are constantly on the lookout for new technology and solutions to reduce their electricity bills as well as carbon footprint.

Solar lights are the most cost-efficient source of electricity that is eco-friendly as well as easy on your pocket. But that is not all, as there are several other benefits that can help make your life convenient and safer.

Here are 2 additional reasons why solar street lights are the best solution:

1.      Safety

Electric power usage comes with many hazards such as short-circuits, power grid failure, and your electrical appliances blowing off, etc. Plus, random power failure may leave your property and parking areas prone to breaking in and vandalism incidents.

This is where solar lights excel. First, there are no health hazards associated with the usage of solar lights, such as electrocution. So if you have kids and pets at home, a solar wire extension cable lying around would not be a safety hazard for them.

Furthermore, the solar cells store excess energy into a storage battery that has enough capacity to last you a full night. As the sun goes down, the photoreceptors in the solar cell detect the dark and switch on the lights. Even if the traditional electricity goes off, the solar light will run on its battery unaffected.

This will continue to keep your house secure from any unfortunate incidents. You can monitor the parking lot and other dark areas and alleys around your house and commercial buildings. A well-lit car park using solar lights will always give you a sense of security for your vehicle and, above all, your personal safety during dark hours.

In case you live in RV parks, solar lights are a good security measure to keep the area well–lit around your RV. The best part is that you will get ample sunlight throughout the day in the open parks to charge your solar battery to maximum capacity.

How to install Solar Street Light

2.      Easy Installation and Lower Maintenance Costs

Solar outdoor lights are very easy to install. You can literally do it as a DIY task. They are mostly self-installed, you just have to bolt them into a place you wish to use them, and you are good to go. The only technicality you will have to deal with is to put them in a place where they can receive maximum sunlight directly.


Last but not least, solar lights barely require any repair and maintenance. Plus, they do not blow up or go off all of a sudden, whereas the LEDs used in solar lights start to dim with time. Therefore, you will know in advance about their malfunction and avoid any failures.


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