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| Originally lights could only be Installed by electricians 

  • Avoid Over-Priced Electricians **FREE To Install**
  • Avoid Increasingly High Electricity Bills
  • Add lighting Anywhere on your property
  • Remote included for Changing Modes
  • Use when camping!

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Outdoor lighting Anywhere: 

Fully charges in 2-3 hrs, for all night lighting


Ever struggled with the hassle of wiring and setting up new outdoor lights for your home or business? The mere thought of calling in an electrician and watching those installation costs skyrocket to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, can be a real buzzkill.

Plus, keeping those lights blazing all night long, even if they're energy-efficient LEDs, can lead to some shockingly high electricity bills over time.Enter Endurance Lights! Picture this: every product crafted by Solar Outdoor Lights is engineered to flip the script on installation headaches.

Our mission? To turn 'easy' into an understatement and 'reliable' into an absolute guarantee, ensuring your property remains brilliantly illuminated. Say hello to hassle-free installations and bid farewell to those worries about the dark. With Solar Outdoor Lights, it's all about your peace of mind and a property that shines like a beacon, no matter the hour.

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