About Us

Endurance Lights is owned and operated by Mundaneco LLC, headquartered in the majestic city of Portland Oregon. Our passion is creating durable clean energy products which are easy to install at any home or business.

Our story... 

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to wire and install new lights on the exterior of your home or business?

Most of us would just say hire an electrician and let them wire your new lights costing upwards of hundred if not over a thousand dollars depending how hard the installation is. In addition keeping them on all night even if they are LED lights, your electricity bill can be impacted over time.

We noticed.. 

We saw all those exterior light installations as a frustrating and tedious task that cost too much leaving areas outside our house that we wish we had lit, dark at the end of the day. 

We wanted to change that. That is why we started Endurance Lights!

Endurance Lights has a pro-environmental philosophy going against every "wired exterior house light". And our mission impacts everything we do.

It means we celebrate the energy of the sun every day-- and its incredible power to help us deliver devices for your home and business that reduce your overhead costs while making life easier-- and without wasting more electricity.

Every product you'll see made by Endurance Lights is designed to make installation easy with the vision of being dependable and trustworthy giving you peace of mind that your property will always be well lit.

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