Rechargeable Bulbs (2 bulbs/pack)

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Reliable, rechargeable emergency lighting. Power failure bulb. Battery backup up to 3 hours.

Lights up automatically when power goes down. Switch can control both ON POWER & EMERGENCY mode! 

Color temperature:  6500-7000K
Battery capacity: 1800 mAh
Bulb size: 3.14" x 5.90"

On power: AC 60W, 932 lumens
Emergency lighting: DC 12W 200 lumens

Package includes 2 bulbs. FREE hangers included for when not in socket! Never be in the dark again. 

Instructions for use:


  1. Screw the rechargeable light bulb into the socket.
  2. When the light is turned on and power is available, this will turn the bulb on, and will also serve to charge the bulb. 
  3. In the event of a power interruption, turning the light on will turn the light bulb on if the bulb was previously charged.
  4. If light is needed in another area, the light can be removed from the light fixture and screwed into the hanger. To turn light on, click on the black button at the end of the hanger. 
  5. If no hanger is present, the light can also be turned on by holding the end of the bulb with the thumb and middle finger and placing the index finger on the tip of the bulb.

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