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Extended Warranty

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Important note: can only be bought within 2 days after original endurance light order

Please buy 1 for each light you want covered. 

Warranties are almost always an important consideration in the buying process. Whether you're buying a new car, new tires, or a new stereo, smart buying is knowing what kind of protection you have on your purchase should the product prematurely malfunction. 

Buying lighting is no different, especially these days when more and more buildings are switching to long-life lighting. When you make that purchase, you want to know for sure that your lighting will last as long as possible.

But malfunctions happen from time to time. So how can you find that security?


Other LED manufacturers commonly offer one year on battery and two-to-three years on other parts.  But we are so confident in our product, that we are able to offer you a longer extended warranty! 

Battery: 2 years
Other parts: 4 years


Please buy 1 for each light you want covered. 

Subject to following conditions: 

- Warranty starts from the date of delivery of the Product

- This extended warranty is only valid for our 60W, 90W solar street light

- Proof of correct installation by means of pictures, video or other reasonable means and/or the return of defective Products for further analysis is to be organized.

- The Product has not been altered 

- This warranty does not cover change in colour temperature

- If the defect is covered by this warranty, Endurance Lights shall be free to decide in its absolute discretion whether to repair and/or replace the Product with the same or an equivalent Product. 

- Light output depreciation for LED products is considered as normal and therefore not covered by this warranty

Endurance Lights has the right to inspect the installation and/or the Products involved.

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